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I always like helping out when I can (and when it’s within my power) – and I’d love it if you’d return the favour with a small donation to feed my caffeine addiction!

It’ll keep me going when I’m sifting through the umpteenth PHP file at 3am…

Here’s a link to my Patreon crowdfunding campaign. Supporting me this way means that I can turn this whole YouTube + Websites venture into a full-time job, it encourages me to keep going, invest into further software and technology, and it’ll allow me to continue making the world a better place. In return you’ll get exciting goodies such as

  • access to Patreon Exclusive posts in my Creator’s Diary
  • your name or brand in the credits of upcoming YouTube Videos
  • free web hosting
  • advert-free browsing on all my websites
  • free copies of my books
  • free copies of my 3D products for DAZ Studio

Donations start from as little as $1 per month – and every cent is very much appreciated 🙂