Support Me

I always like helping out when I can (and when it’s within my power) – and I’d love it if you’d return the favour with a small donation to feed my caffeine addiction!

It’ll keep me going when I’m sifting through the umpteenth PHP file at 3am…

Monthly Donations

You can give monthly donations via my Patreon crowdfunding campaign. Supporting me this way means that I can turn this whole YouTube + Websites venture into a full-time job, it encourages me to keep going, invest into further software and technology, and it’ll allow me to continue making the world a better place. In return you’ll get exciting goodies such as

  • access to Patreon Exclusive posts in my Creator’s Diary
  • your name or brand in the credits of upcoming YouTube Videos
  • free web hosting
  • advert-free browsing on all my websites
  • free copies of my books
  • free copies of my 3D products for DAZ Studio

Donations start from as little as $1 per month – and every cent is very much appreciated 🙂

One-time Donations

I also accept one-off donations directly via PayPal. Follow this link and give anything you want – all major Credit Cards are accepted.

Bought with Donations

I re-invest what I get into making better content. Since I started my crowdfunding campaign in March 2018, I was able to buy the following items/services through a combination of your donations and ad revenue from YouTube and my websites:

  • 2x GoPro HERO 5 cameras
  • various GoPro accessories
  • 2x tripods
  • microphone stands
  • Elgato Stream Deck (mini vision mixer)
  • Elgato HD60 Pro (HDMI capture card)
  • Samsung 1TB EVO SSD (for faster editing)
  • excap216 HDMI capture device
  • 27″ Acer Monitor
  • a second HP Z600 Workstation
  • faster internet connection (25Mbps up for better streams)

In addition to the above, I support various inspiring creators on Patreon (including the OBS Project), and I give $10 a month to the Blender Foundation.

THANK YOU for your generous support 😍