PHP and Dreamweaver Articles

So far I've written 31 PHP related articles for this site.
Here's a list of each one:

PHP Articles

  • How to exchange data from PHP to JavaScript in WordPress
  • How to add something to the_content in WordPress using PHP
  • How to declare Classes in PHP
  • How to update legacy constructor methods in PHP 7
  • How to install PHP 7.x on a CentOS LAMP Stack
  • How to install PHP from source on CentOS
  • How to set WordPress Categories depending on the Post Title
  • How to create a redirect in PHP
  • How to switch between several PHP versions in MAMP 2.x
  • How to check the size of a file in PHP
  • How to list a directory in PHP and only show ZIP files
  • How to test which HTML form button was pressed in PHP
  • How to create a recursive ZIP Archive from a directory in PHP
  • How to add elements to an array in PHP
  • Getting Started with ZEND Server 6 on Mac OS X
  • How to install ZEND Framework for use with MAMP
  • How to send an email in PHP
  • How to test if a Shell Command can be executed in PHP
  • How to test if your server is running Windows from PHP
  • How to read the contents of a file into a string in PHP
  • How to replace text inside a string in PHP
  • How to convert a timestamp into a readable date in PHP
  • How to find the directory of your WordPress Theme in PHP
  • How to fix “unexpected T_FUNCTION” error in PHP
  • What’s the full path to php in CentOS?
  • How to upgrade PHP on CentOS 5
  • Linux Disk Space shown as Pie Chart
  • How to increase the Upload Limit in phpMyAdmin?
  • How to increase your PHP Memory Limit
  • How to add a Facebook Group Feed
  • How to change the PHP Upload Limit

  • While we're at it, I've also written 12 articles about Adobe Dreamweaver for this site.
    Here's a list of each one:

    Dreamweaver Articles

  • How to target a specific row in a table via CSS
  • How to replace and add HTML text elements with CSS
  • How to auto indent and collapse source code in Dreamweaver
  • How to fade an element with CSS and jQuery
  • How to combine DOM elements in jQuery
  • How to use a custom font in CSS
  • Fantastic CSS Border Radius generator for all browsers…
  • How to centre an image in CSS
  • How to fix “Dynamically-related files could not be resolved” message in Dreamweaver
  • How to define Javascript Behaviours in Dreamweaver
  • How to detect screen width in CSS
  • How to update jQuery Mobile in Dreamweaver CS6