Privacy Notice

I personally do not collect any data from you while you’re browsing this website, other than what you’re sharing here as comments.

However, I am using several services that do collect data for the purposes of spam and intrusion protection, visitor behaviour, as well as serving advertising. Here’s a list of services I’m using, with respective links to their own privacy policies:

Akismet and Jetpack

Akismet is a WordPress Plugin made by Automattic to reduce and eliminate the amount of spam that users can post as comments on my articles. It comes bundled with every WordPress installation and uses Automattic’s servers for processing. You can download Akismet here.

Jetpack is also a WordPress plugin, and it’s also made by Automattic. It greatly enhances what WordPress can do, including statistics, syndicating posts to social networks, and many other fascinating things. You can read more about it and download Jetpack here.

Google Analytics

I’m using a short snippet of code on this site that gives me insights into what content is being viewed by visitors, from which region of the world their coming, and with what hardware y’all are accessing this site. I personally don’t care about anything else and find it rather fascinating to get an idea on how wide my knowledge reaches into the world.

Google Adsense

The advertising on this website helps me pay for the hosting infrastructure this website incurs. All adverts are served by a system called Google Analytics, which for me is just one piece of code so I personally do not collect any data for this purpose.

Google on the other hand may do so, and collect other data for both Analytics and Adsense that I know nothing about.

Ad-free Browsing

If you would like to enjoy this website without any advertising, you can do so by making a donation through my crowdfunding campaigns like Patreon or Ko-fi. Once you’re logged in, no advertising will show up on this or any of my other sites.