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How to install KDE on Fedora

Just in case I forget, here’s how to easily install the KDE Desktop on Fedora 40. First we download the components, then we switch over to it and make it the default. I should have taken notes last time but forgot – glad I’m getting another chance to do it again. Installing KDE Open up … Read more

Fixed: Failed to write data to efivars on HP Z840 Workstation (Fedora)

I’ve had an update message in Fedora for a while on my HP Z840 workstation. It was something about an EFI update with a patch against something about DBX and Black Lotus that sounded rather important, but for the life of me the update would never apply. It could update all other softwares, except for … Read more

How to run Unreal Engine 5.x on Fedora (without compilation)

Since Unreal Engine 5.0, EPIC have been providing pre-compiled binaries that can be run on most common Linux installations, including Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOS. I’ve tried it out on a brand new Fedora 40 system and it worked great, without having spend an additional hour waiting for the compiler to do its thing. So yay! … Read more

How to rescue Melissa from Room 218 in Hotel Dusk: The Electrical Switch Puzzle

I had great trouble solving the Electrical Switch puzzle in Hotel Dusk: Room 215 on the DS 44670 Emulator. The puzzle requires us to flick two switches up at the same time to restore electricity to the room Melisa is hiding in. Sadly the Nintendo DS was never multi touch capable, but this puzzle seemingly … Read more

How to disable the Windows Page/Swap file

I have a lot of RAM in my system and wanted to see if there’s a performance improvement to be had by disabling the page file. By default this is enabled so that Windows apps never run out of memory, but if you’re sure you have plenty, there’s no need for Windows to write a … Read more

How to boot Windows 11 into Safe Mode

Windows 11 can be booted into a “safe mode” that will allow us to troubleshoot things. How to get there has of course changed and is shrouded in great mystery because apparently Windows 11 is so awesome that there are never any issues to troubleshoot, with it being obviously the best ever operating system of … Read more