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How to setup a Facebook Live Event in advance

Facebook have one of the worst UIs ever. The interface changes every week, and I can never remember how to setup a live event there because it’s to unintuitive. Here’s how a quick step-by-step process to make my life: head over to click Go Live at the top (next to the search bar) pick … Read more

Building a LAMP Stack in Fedora Workstation

I needed to wipe my Fedora laptop yesterday because an in-place upgrade/downgrade went awry. No data was lost, but when it comes to doing it all again from scratch, there’s always something that I forget to do from memory. Hence this little list of step-by-step instructions on a vanilla installation of Fedora Workstation (35 in … Read more

Refreshing a License Key in Plesk

This morning I encountered an odd error on one of my Plesk servers: it wouldn’t let me log in, with an error message like this: I’ve tried running the Plesk repair tool, which found some errors and corrected them, but it kept telling me that that spurious repository could not be opened. I found this … Read more