JAY PLAYS – The Game Stream Archive

I like hanging out and shooting the breeze with friends and like-minded 3D geeks. Jay Plays is my way of doing that: we come together and chat, while entertaining ourselves with a good (or bad) video game.

We’re a group of 3D and tech enthusiasts with a ton of interests between us. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch, ask questions, and share tips and tricks on all the complex stuff we do.

Since live streams are long, and they have a tendency to clutter up my main channel, I’ll leave them up for a month or two, at which point I’ll make them unlisted. They’re still accessible through the playlists tab. But that too is getting cluttered fast, and I have multiple channels on which past streams may appear. To aid discoverability, and make your viewing pleasure that much greater, I keep this list of games I’ve played on stream (the latest one is at the top).

Looking for my 3D stream archive? It will get its own home soon!