Jay’s Tip Jar

If you want to say THANKS for anything I’ve made, drop something in my proverbial Tip Jar. This will keep me going when I’m sifting through the umpteenth PHP file at 3am, answering a question about 3D software at the same time, or when I’m preparing my next live stream.

There are several ways to donate money, pick one that works best for you:

Monthly Donations

You can give monthly donations via my Patreon crowdfunding campaign. Supporting me this way means that I can turn this whole YouTube/Streaming/Websites venture into a full-time job. It encourages me to keep going, invest into further software and technology, and it’ll allow me to continue making the world a better place. In return you’ll get exciting goodies such as

  • Discord Access to my server
  • your name or brand in the credits of upcoming Videos
  • collaborate and brainstorm with me
  • personalised videos
  • free web hosting
  • ad-free browsing on all my websites
  • free copies of my books
  • free copies of my 3D products
  • occasional early access to upcoming videos

Donations start from as little as $1 per month – and every cent is very much appreciated 🤩

PayPal Donations

I also accept one-off and ongoing donations directly via PayPal. Follow the link below and give any amount you want – all major Credit Cards are accepted, and you don’t need a PayPal account to proceed. 😍

EPIC Support-A-Creator

When you buy something from the Unreal Marketplace, or from EPIC Games, you can hack in my creator code. This will give me a commission from your sale, at no extra cost to you. It’s like a win-win! My EPIC Code is JAY-VERSLUIS

Gift Cards and Direct Donations

You can purchase an Amazon.com Gift Card for me, any amount from $5 to $500 will work. Please send it to paypal [at] pinkstonepictures [dot] com. I can also accept direct PayPal donations at that address, as well as DAZ Gift Cards.

During Live Events

When I’m live on air, various events trigger the “walking zombie” animation. These include subscriber and follower alerts, stream hosting alerts and donation alerts from certain portals. The latter will include your handle and the amount you’ve donated, and when I spot this in time, I will usually give you a shout out to say thanks.

The following donation events will trigger the animation:

Buy something from Amazon

Don’t have any spare cash to support me? No problem! If you’re an Amazon customer, you can support me by clicking any of these links before you make your next purchase. At no additional cost to you, I get a small commission (anywhere between 1% and 10%). Every little helps 😃

Bought with Your Donations

I re-invest what I get into making better content. Since I started my crowdfunding campaign in March 2018, I was able to buy the following items/services through a combination of your donations and ad revenue from YouTube and my websites:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Plan
  • 2x GoPro HERO 5 cameras
  • 1x GoPro HERO 8 camera
  • various GoPro accessories
  • 2x tripods
  • microphone stands
  • Elgato Stream Deck (mini vision mixer)
  • Elgato HD60 Pro (HDMI capture card)
  • several Samsung 1TB EVO SSD (for faster editing)
  • excap216 HDMI capture device
  • 27″ Acer Monitor
  • a second HP Z600 Workstation
  • a HP Z800 Workstation (currently my main rig)
  • an RTX 2080 Graphics card
  • countless 3D products
  • faster internet connection (25Mbps up for better streams)
  • Logitech Craft Keyboard (speaks to both systems on my desk)
  • Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse (dito)

In addition to the above, I use your donations to support various inspiring creators on Patreon (including the OBS Project), and I donate monthly to the Blender Foundation.

for your ongoing generous support 😍