Here are several projects I’ve been working on over the years, with link on where to find them.

Suggestions, Translations and Pull Requests are all very welcome.

Child Theme Wizard

A WordPress plugin that creates a Child Theme with a single click and lets users specify all the relevant options. It even creates a nice thumbnail so you can tell it apart from the other themes.

Disk Space Pie Chart

A WordPress plugin to help you keep track of your disk space usage. Displays the results as a funky pie chart.

Zen Dash

A plugin that can hide clutter in your WordPress dashboard you may not want to see. Switch off individual Dashboard Widgets, Update Notifications and Menu Items. Because sometimes less is more.

P2 Header Ad

WordPress plugin that works with P2 and P2 Categories, displaying an advert inside the header (like you see on this site).

P2 Categories

A Fork of Automattic’s wonderful P2 theme, with added support for choosing a category when you post from the front page – as used on this site.

Snapshot Backup

Uses Linux shell commands to backup an entire WordPress site, inducing database, and sends the resulting file over to an FTP server. Development for this plugin is currently on hiatus.

WP Hosting

I run a small web hosting company that specialises in WordPress websites and dedicated Linux instances. I look after these servers personally, without overselling resources or cutting corners on the customer service front.

Not as cheap as Hostgator, Bluehost or GoDaddy, but you have a WordPress expert looking after your websites.

iOS Development

I love developing for iPhone and iPad too. Several of my apps are available from the App Store. I have dedicated sites for these projects for releases and updates, as well as coding:


Every now and again I like to to take a break from hacking and balance my brain’s other half by drawing and sketching on my many digital devices. You can find some of my creative output on Tumblr: