I’ve recorded a great many screencasts over the years, most of them can be found on either of my YouTube channels (here and here, alongside many other interesting things).

One day I realised that much of my content also works great in audio form, so I’ve split my topics out into a variety of Podcasts Feeds for y’all’s enjoyment.

Here’s some food for both your brain and your favourite Podcast Client.

The WP Guru Podcast

Anything that does not fall under a particular category, but is of a “tech” nature. YouTube and Facebook tips, the odd tech review, how to setup mail clients, that sort of stuff.

Dip in and see what tickles your fancy.

Jay’s Commodore Podcast

Everything I have to say on the old Commodore systems: C64, C128 and Plus/4. These are chats about how to programme in BASIC and Assembly.

Jay’s 3D Podcast

Over on versluis.com, I’ve covered a lot of 3D related stuff about DAZ Studio, Blender, Marvelous Designer and several other packages.

Join me on this never-ending minefield in the world of 3D.

DAZ Studio 101 Podcast

I’ve put together a beginners guide to DAZ Studio, in response to many viewer questions. It explains the basics of getting used to the app and its interface, deals with content and navigation.

The whole series is available on YouTube, as well as a podcast. I’m planning to expand this series with a DAZ Studio 201 later this year.

  • Listen on iTunes
  • Listen on Spotify

Jay’s WordPress Podcast

I’ve been using WordPress since 2006 and it has quite clearly changed my life: the way I learn and document things, how I can recall them later from anywhere, and how I can share knowledge with others. I have recorded many screencasts on this subject. Now you can listen to these valuable tips and tricks on the go.

The Storyist Podcast

Storyist is a creative writing application for macOS and iOS. I’ve used it successfully to write my latest book BROKEN BOWELS. It’s a complex piece of software, but it has completely transformed the way I write.

Storyist can be used for outlining and writing, but it also makes it easy to export specially formatted EPUB and Kindle ebook versions, as well as PDF editions for printing.

This is the audio archive of my video series (which is available on YouTube).

The Super Survivor Podcast

I’ve got a second YouTube channel for personal videos and inspiring stories I’ve experienced during my cancer journey and beyond. It’s also a behind-the-scenes diary about what’s happening around my various projects and collaborations. I often do these videos from my bike, but it’s more about what I’m saying and less about the pictures – hence ideal for an audio only version.