Stream Commands

Here’s a quick list of commands you can issue during a live stream if the bot us in a good mood (often he is not). I’ll try to keep this list updated with the local Streamlabs Bot I’m running on YouTube. Sadly this bot is not longer in development, but their Cloud Bot wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Commands start with a ! (exclamation mark) so that the bot knows we’re talking to him. There’s a lot of other stuff we can do with him, but I haven’t figured that out yet. Whatever is enabled will end up here.

General Commands

  • !commands – links to this page
  • !uptime – shows how long the current session has been live
  • !game – show what game I’m playing (if I’ve changed it)
  • !games – displays a link to my Games Database
  • !assets – link to my 3D Asset Database
  • !humble – link to the latest Humble Bundle we’re talking about
  • !mugs – shows a link to my Teespring Store
  • !socials – displays a link to my Twitter and Facebook pages
  • !bot – asks the bot to respond with your user name
  • !coffee or !kofi – shows a link to my Ko-fi page
  • !patreon – link to my Patreon page
  • !twitter – link to my Twitter Feed
  • !fb – link to my Facebook Page
  • !wpguru – link to this website (front page)
  • !3d – link to my other website
  • !cancer – link to my Super Survivor website
  • !subs – shows the current subscriber count (rounded by YouTube)
  • !time – shows my local time and date
  • !whoami – shows your YouTube user name and ID

Shoutout Commands

  • !chris – links to Chris Cox’s Twitch channel
  • !cmc – links to Christina’s YouTube channel
  • !0calvin or !brian – links to Brian’s YouTube channel and website
  • !nate – links to DragoNate’s YouTube channel


  • !quotes – show the amount of quotes in the database
  • !quote – display a random quote
  • !quote 50 – shows a specific quote (change number accordingly)
  • !quote add YourQuote [Author] – adds a quote if you have permission
  • !quote remove xx – delete quote of specific number

The quotes are back!