Stranded Deep


  • S – Save Points
  • W – Water Stills
  • F – Fire and Smokers (Fs)

#1 Jackpot Island (SFW Plank Machine)

Our original island. Features a water maker, a little shack and a fire with save point. Also plenty of engine parts and a Plank Station.

#2 The Plantation (SWF Fuel)

I’ve turned this island into a farming plot. Three natural yukka trees and two fruit trees will get us started. Contains a fuel still and three water makers.


Tires on a boat


Plenty of palm trees beckoning to be turned into logs and planks.


Palm trees. All wrecks explored (there were only two small ones).

Island#6 – (S)

Two wrecks, nothing special


Multiple wrecks, most of hem plundered.

Island#8 Boss Island (SFW)

Small island with a shelter and a Hobo Stove. Close to The Meg in the south west and Abaia to the west. I’ve added a water still too.


It’s small, has barrels.

Island#10 (SW)

Small island, two wrecks. Tons of sticks to be picked up. This is where I dragged my capsized raft to and rebuilt it, so there’s plenty of containers here. Also a save point and water still. Oh, and probably some container shelves and goodies buried beneath the sand.

Island #11

Some tires in a wreck underwater.

Island #12

I visited this and found some machine parts and good things, including a shack with a skeleton. I wasn’t done exploring when I died in a wreck, so will have to do this again.