Hire Me

From time to time I get requests for from viewers and readers if I could speak with them via Skype (et al) and “talk shop” about workflow questions, including anything from 3D software usage to web development puzzles. In response to such requests, I have introduced a way to purchase personal sessions with me. How cool is that?

Here’s how it works:

  • pick an option below and make your payment though PayPal
  • you can buy as many sessions as you like
  • please include what you’d like to talk about upon checkout
  • I’ll be in touch to arrange a date
  • we’ll have a chat

Please note that I only have a limited amount of time available per month. We may be able to find time within a week, but in some circumstances it may take a month to find a date.

Despite my accent, I’m based in the US and live on Eastern Standard Time.