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How to link YouTube and your self-hosted WordPress

YouTube allows you to easily share videos on many popular blogging platforms, such as Blogger and WordPress.

With the latter, you can either link your account, or your self hosted blog. I tried this several times, only to find an unexplained error message on YouTube. Finally, thanks to The Social Media Guide, I know what I did wrong.

What you need:

  • a YouTube account
  • your user name and password for your self-hosted WordPress site
  • a WordPress API key (you get this by signing up for a account)

Before you get started, we need to tell WordPress that you want an external thing (like YouTube) be able to create posts. To do this, make sure you login to your WordPress site and go to SETINGS – WRITING – Enable XML-RPC Protocol. Save your settings and you’re good to go.

Now let’s deal with YouTube:

  • login to
  • click on ACCOUNT
  • go to BLOG SETUP and click on ADD BLOG
  • select WordPress Self-Hosted
  • give your Blog a name within YouTube (you can have multiple blogs associated with your account)
  • you’re done!

Now when you’re browsing a video, you can use the SHARE option to post it straight onto your blog.