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Tips and Tricks on WordPress usage and development. I am very passionate about WordPress, but it doesn’t work just by itself – it needs a rich environment to live and breathe in.

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Jetpack Social is now a separate plugin – with overpriced premium options

Last month I was surprised by a message that popped up when I posted an article: “You have no shares remaining – please upgrade your Jetpack plan”. Well that was… unexpected! Jetpack are now asking $10 a month for the privilege of lifting those limits, but that doesn’t get you every service they have to … Read more

How to style the WordPress Login Page

It’s relatively easy to add your own logo and a custom message to the default WordPress login page. Several plugins let you do that, but I’m a big fan of a little “hard coding”. It makes it easy to have all changes contained in your own files. Here are the four little helper functions I’ve … Read more

How to remove the Title and Description from Archive Pages in GeneratePress

I’ve been having great fun with the Page Hero feature in GeneratePress, and I wanted to use it for archive pages too. By default however, the Archive Title and Description show up in the Page Hero as well as underneath it. This doesn’t happen on single posts, so we’ll have a bit of work to … Read more