How to install Unreal Engine 4 on CentOS 7

I usually write about Unreal Engine over on my other website, because it tackles more 3D related topics – but compiling the engine from source is a bit more “blood and gore” thing so I thought it best placed here with all the other Linux topics. Anyway… Today we’re installing Unreal Engine on a CentOS … Read more

How to cancel you Amazon Prime Video Channels

I really like the how Amazon let you add new channel subscriptions to the existing Prime Video library. Julia and I are having great fun channel hopping through various British catalogues and catch up on UK telly. So far we’ve had Acorn TV, PBS and Britbox. What we don’t particularly like is that certain shows … Read more

How to calculate elapsed years from the current time in WordPress

I’ve implemented a neat feature on the front page of my other website: it calculates how long Julia and I have been married. Rather than this being one of those items I will certainly forget to update in the future, it uses a shortcode in the regular page text to calculate this value. The WordPress … Read more