Fixed: Logitech Options not loading on Windows

I’ve been relying on Logitech Options to move my mouse on both computers on my desk. It’s become an important part of my workflow, and as such it’s super annoying when it stops working. It recently happened on my Windows PC. Options hadn’t automatically loaded on startup. When I tried starting Options manually, only a … Read more

How to find out what wakes up your Windows Computer

My wife’s computer keeps waking up after she puts it to sleep, or after the computer goes to sleep by itself. It’s… disturbing. Thankfully there’s a relatively easy to way to query why this happens and action it accordingly. Bring up a Command Prompt window by searching for cmd, then type the following: powercfg -lastwake … Read more

How to disable Audio Notifications in Discord

You’d think that when you disable notifications in your operating system’s notification centre, those super annoying plinks and plonks an app can send would just disappear. It’s true, unless you’re using Discord, where it doesn’t work. They’re perhaps a little too hip and trendy to follow an established pattern. Instead, audio notifications are set in … Read more