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2 thoughts on “screenshot3”

  1. Hi Jay,
    Thank you for the good work! I am trying to get my WordPress Database from my site to my local computer. I see that there is a .tar copy that has been done, but I can’t seem to get it to open. Is there a way to just have SNAPSHOT make a copy of the DB from my online server and then install it on MAMP on localhost?


  2. Hi Stephen,

    I’m releasing a new version in the next couple of days which will have this very option, i.e. a separate .sql file. Watch the dashboard 😉

    There is another great plugin called WP-DB-Backup by Austin Matzko which will only extract the database and save it as a file.

    The .tar file should open with a double-click on your Mac, I wonder why it’s not working….

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