How to style Modularity Lite 1.3 by GraphPaperPress

Getting rid of the “Older Posts” message

To finish the front page off nicely, we may want to refrain from enticing visitors to accidentally stumble upon our “older posts”. Let’s get rid of that message by having a look at the index.php file. Find the following code:

Delete the two middle div tags so all you’re left with is

Background Colour

You can change the background colour under Appearance – Background and even upload your own tiled background image. Nice!

In case you ever want to bring the theme back to default, just clear the background colour box and hit the save button – that will bring back the original Modularity Lite background image.

Be aware though that these options will NOT style other elements, such as the Post Meta box underneath a post. You’ll have to change those elements manually in the stylesheet.

Remove the translucent overlay

To increase contrast, there’s a small transparent image called repeater.png overlayed onto this theme. Depending on your colour settings, this can get a bit annoying and you may want to remove it.

Have a look at your style.css file and find the following piece of code:

Take out the entire line beginning with background and that repeater image will be gone.

Meta Data in Posts

Sometimes you just don’t want to see which categories your posts are filed in or when it happened. It’s not as easy as deleting one line of code though. Also, WordPress generates meta data in three different places (single post, archives and category display).

I’ll give you an example how to amend this on a single post. In single.php, find the following block of code:

In order to remove the categories and post time replace the entire block with this:

You can use a similar approach in both archives.php and blog.php.

I’ll amend this article if and when I come across further tips.

As always: Happy Hacking ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I am having some issues with my wordpress site and you seem like someone who could help me. Im sure its a quick fix, but there seems to be a rather large space under my header image, almost like the headed box is too large for the photo. It would let me put a larger photo, and I can’t seem to find where in the style sheet it is that I can shrink these margins down. It is VERY irritating. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!



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