How to use PHPList: Workflow and sending your first message

In this workshop I will talk you through using the PHPlist Campaign Manager.

PHPlist is another Open Source venture which has grown tremendously over the years. Even though not anywhere near as elegant as WordPress it gets the job done and it’s free to use – so we can live with its intricacies.

Using the system isn’t as easy and straightforward as it could be so I thought it’s time for a screencast.

I’m not going over all options here, this is more designed to be a refresher course if you haven’t used it for a while.

Workflow and how to send your first message

Here are the three crucial steps involved:

  • click “send a message” and write your newsletter
  • select which “list” you’d like to send it to
  • process the queue (which finally sends the message to selected lists)

In the next podcast I’ll explain how to create new lists and add subscribers manually.


Jay is the CEO and founder of WP Hosting, a boutique style managed WordPress hosting and support service. He has been working with Plesk since version 9 and is a qualified Parallels Automation Professional. In his spare time he likes to develop iOS apps and WordPress plugins, or draw on tablet devices. He blogs about his coding journey at and

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