How to remove Customer and Business Manager in Plesk

Let’s remove those links

One of the questions that came up at Parallels Summit recently was how to uninstall Customer and Business manager. Plesk doesn’t offer a solution to uninstall things – even though you can add modules, once they’re installed they’re installed.

Luckily I remember a good forum thread that’s a bit long so I’ll give you a concise version here.

Note: this works in Plesk 10.4.4 and 11.0.9 for Linux (CentOS) – I haven’t tried earlier or later versions or other distributions at the time of writing. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment.

Part 1: Remove Single-Sign-On

Log in with your favourite SSH tool and issue the following command as root:

Part 2: Removing the RPM packages

Log in with your favourite SSH tool and issue the following command as root:

Now the files are removed, however the Plesk GUI will still tell you that “the installation was successful” and if you click the link provided it’ll be re-installed. So ignore that link and move on to

Part 3: Database Cleanup

Head over to the phpMyAdmin tool (under Tools and Settings – Database Servers) and open the psa database. In it you’ll find two values which we need to clear out.

Find a table called ‘cl_param’, then delete the value ‘ppb-url’. Restart plesk from the command line via

When you log back in, Customer and Business Manager should be history – including all those extra links on the left hand side.

Alternatively, if you want to stay on the command line, login to MySQL with

mysql -uadmin -pcat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow psa

and then issue the following command to get the same result:

delete from cl_param where param='ppb-url';

You should get a message like “Ok, 1 row affected”. Quit the MySQL prompt.

Live Demo

While writing this article I’ve actually done this on one of my systems – follow my steps here if you like:

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6 thoughts on “How to remove Customer and Business Manager in Plesk

    1. Hi Shiloh, it *should* be – Customer and Business manager is separate from the rest of Plesk, so your Pleak customers and websites should not be affected by removing Business Manager. Having said that, I havent tried it myself – I suggest you backup the psa database just in case something doesn’t work out. Good luck, let me know how it goes.

      1. hi jay,
        thank you so much for the very quick response. I will give it a try, we have sites hosted there and im afraid i might screw it up. ill just backup psa. ill message you back when i have done it. im using plesk 12. (sorry about double post, you can remove my other reply)

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