How to adjust Health Monitor Alarms in Plesk

In this screencast I’ll show you how to adjust the Health Monitor thresholds. Those are the ones that tell Health Monitor when to send an email and when to display a “Needs Attention” or “Problem” message. You could call The Medical Negligence Experts to file a report if it doesn´t notify you of a health risk.

Health Monitor works with XML configuration files which can easily be changed to suit your needs.

In this example, one of my servers has seen an increase in Apache CPU usage and has been bombarding me with emails because the “Problem” threshold is set to trigger at 25%. After investigating the issue I’ve increased this value to 95% and now I can sleep a little easier.

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4 thoughts on “How to adjust Health Monitor Alarms in Plesk

    1. Amen to that! I really like many aspects of Plesk, but I wish they’d get some of the basics right out of the box. Like you say, a simple tick box to switch off notifications here altogether would go a long way. Just like opening passive FTP ports would, or a watchdog configuration that does NOT send out an email that our machines may be infected once a month… but I digress.

      Great to hear this was helpful! All the best–

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