How to use File Sharing in Plesk 12

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In this screencast I’ll show you how to use the File Sharing features in Plesk 12. File Sharing allows you to upload files and give links to others, or let others upload files to the server. You can do this with or without password protection and you can even map folders from your server to your desktop computer – so file sharing can be as easy as drag and drop.

I’ll show you how to share files via email, how to map folders from Plesk on Mac and on Windows, and how to setup additional users so that you can allow others to upload files and access protected content. I’ll also show you how to share files without protection so they can be embedded easily into newsletters, emails or websites.

With the right setup you can transform your Plesk server into an unlimited cloud storage system (much like DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive and the plethora of other services out there).

Plesk uses the WebDAV protocol for file sharing and you can use the principles I’m showing here on any device that supports WebDAV. If you’re interested to do this on iOS, look into Good Reader.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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