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Through some magic I found here, the box above pulls in my latest upload or live stream from YouTube. You can find many other videos either on my dedicated Watch Page, or on my YouTube Channel.

Live Stream Schedule

Since the beginning of 2019, I’ve started doing regular live streams on several platforms. The kids call it Multi Streaming I believe. I’d like to think of it as my “office hours”. Drop by and hang out, ask questions or just watch and have fun. I currently focus on doing 3D projects, but I might play a game every now and then.

I haven’t found fixed days for streaming yet, so I work it around my work and IRL schedule. When I do stream, I do it around 5pm EST / 10pm UK / 11pm Europe. Watch my social feeds and/or stream services for notifications.

Tune in on YouTube, Twitch or Mixer 😎

About Jay Versluis

Jay is a medical miracle known as a Super Survivor. He runs two YouTube channels, five websites and several podcast feeds. To see what else he's up to, and to support him on his mission to make the world a better place, check out his Patreon Campaign.

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