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Setting up Plesk Mail on Mac OSX Mavericks (10.9)

In this episode I’m explaining how to setup Mac Mail for use with Email Accounts created in Plesk 12.  I’m also explaining how to map IMAP folders from your email account to the relevant folders on your Mac. It’s a rather complex setup (as dealing with email accounts usually is) and has caused me and … Read more

How to send an email in PHP

Many complex things are extremely simple in PHP – sending mail is one of them. Here’s how: // components for our email $recepients = ‘’; $subject = ‘Hello from PHP’; $message = ‘This is a test mail.’; // let’s send it $success = mail($recepients, $subject, $message); if ($success) { echo ‘Mail added to outbox’; } … Read more

How to map IMAP folders in Mac Mail

I have been driven nuts on several occasions by the likes of Yahoo: change your password, and you have to tell every single device, sometimes several times. If everything fails, delete the email account completely and add it again afresh.

This presents a problem: your SENT or DRAFT items may no longer be where they after adding your email account again. There is of course a way to map those IMAP folder, but if you’re like me you hardly ever use this option and forget when it’s time to do it again.

So here’s how to do it – perhaps it helps before checking yourself into the local nut house.

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How to increase the number of simultaneous IMAP connections in Plesk

Plesk-LogoBy default Plesk sets up the IMAP Email Service on your server so that four simultaneous connections can be made from the same IP address in the same timeframe. This is to protect your servers from too many connections.

This however isn’t cutting it if you have a small office full of people on the same IP, connecting from 4 computers, 16 iphones and 12 iPads every 5 minutes.

The solution: tweak the IMAP configuration file, restart the daemon and have a good life. Let me show you how to do it on Plesk 11 and CentOS 6.4.

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How to send an email in iOS

This is tricky but doable. We’re using the MFMailComposeViewController protocol for this (don’t ask). This will open the mail app on your device. Older devices without mail sending capability will crash when you call this method so we’ll check before we do this. if ([MFMailComposeViewController canSendMail]) { MFMailComposeViewController *mailer = [[MFMailComposeViewController alloc] init]; mailer.mailComposeDelegate = […]