How to replace a Header Image

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Not every theme provides a convenient “upload header” option. That’s luxory really. But there’s a fairly easy way to replace every header image in every theme with one of your own pieces of art.

Here’s what you do:

Right-click on the image you want to replace and select Properties. This will give you an idea how big the image is, and what its filename is. Note both down and open Photoshop or similar).

Select an image you’d rather like, and crop it to the exact same dimensions of the image you’d like to replace. Depending on the format of the original image, save yours as a GIF, PNG or JPG with medium compression (say 70), ideally using the Save for Web option.

Next open your favourite FTP client such as Filezilla and login to your site via FTP (not via WordPress). Find your theme’s directory (usually in wp-content/themes/themename) and locate that image file. Sometimes it’s right there in front of you, sometimes it’s in a subfolder. Have a quick poke until you find it.

Next, copy your own image into that directory. Rename the original image to something different, and give your own image the name that the original image used to have. Note that it’s cAsE sEnsitIve!

Refresh your site, and – in an ideal world – your own image will show up.


  • If you see the old image, clear your browser’s cache and try again.
  • If you still see the old image, you’re replaced the wrong file…
  • If nothing shows up, your image is spelt differently than the original image.

When in doubt, check your sites source code and see which image filename is called. Rename your image accordingly. Keep in mind that Acuity Training is available today for almost any specific thing, you can learn anything you just need to ask and listen then do.
Good luck!

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