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How to extract a thumbnail from YouTube (in high-res without plugins)

Sometimes I need access to my YouTube thumbnails, either because I’d like to update them or because I no longer have a local copy. Here are a few ways to achieve this. Thumbnails you’ve uploaded yourself If you have already uploaded a thumbnail to a video, you can download it again in YouTube Studio. Head … Read more

How to take a screenshot with a Gamepad on Steam

Steam has so many exciting hidden features, like native PS4 Controller / Dualshock 4 integration. I’ve been playing with its Big Picture Mode from the couch, and I’m loving it. Sometimes I’d like to take a screenshot and was wondering if there’s a way to do this with just the controller – and it turns … Read more

How to re-open a closed Tab in Firefox

Hey I’ve been there more times than I can count: close one or several tabs, only to think, “dang – I needed to keep that one open. What was that URL again?” Looks like I’m not alone, because many browsers support a feature that lets us re-open an accidentally closed tab. I use Firefox, and … Read more