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How to add a new Logitech Bolt receiver to your existing mouse/keyboard on Mac and PC

Somewhat lengthy story coming up, so please bear with me here. The actual setup procedure is described further down in this article (for TLDR readers). So I’ve upgraded my Logitech multi-device keyboard and mouse recently. I’ve been using my old MX Craft keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse on both a PC and Mac, switching … Read more

How to use your Apple AirPort Time Capsule as NAS without being a router

When I got a new WiFi router, I’ve retired my old AirPort Time Capsule from being my main network hub. One thing I was missing from my setup though was the network attached Time Capsule functionality so that my Macs can use it Time Machine backups. Turns out the Time Capsules actually have an option … Read more

How to reset the BIOS on a HP Z840 Workstation

I’ve had some spurious issues with my HP Z840 workstation recently. After transferring my data drives to a new system, the old system wouldn’t boot anymore. All fans and lights would come on, but no BIOS messages would display and the screen was dead. There were no diagnostics beeps either, which at first lead me … Read more

How to disable those annoying Google Sign-In prompts on every website

I cannot adequately describe just how annoying I find these constant prompts to “Sign in with Google”. I appreciate the offer 40 times a day, but I genuinely don’t and probably never will use Google to sign in anywhere, no matter how practical and easy they want to make it. I was wondering if there’s … Read more

Managing large files on Github with Git LFS

Github have made some changes to their policies and no longer allow files larger than 100MB in your repositories, or rather “not as BLOBS”. If I understand it correctly, larger files can have an adverse effect on thier infrastructure as all binary data is stored in a database server. Larger files with content that doesn’t … Read more

How to find your CPU details via the Command Line in Windows, macOS and Linux

I work across so many systems that I frequently forget what types of CPUs I’m dealing with. I keep forgetting the commands necessary to retrieve this information, so here’s a quick cheat sheet with commands. Windows We can use the wmic command in a regular Windows Terminal (cmd). It’s slated to be retired in the … Read more

How to disable Discord Audio Notifications

Have you disabled every possible notification setting and the Discord Desktop App still beeps every 3 seconds? Yeah, it does that. There’s a setting for that, but they keep it secret just to annoy us all, buried in the other 90 trillion options they thought would be a hoot to feature creep into the Settings. … Read more