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Discord Announcement Channels and how to make them work

A bunch of us wanted to make these fabled Discord Announcement channels work. It’s a feature available on Community Servers that lets you follow a channel from another server, so that that server’s announcements appear in your own server (and vice versa). In essence a way of subscribing to another server’s notifications. You may have … Read more

How to setup a Facebook Live Event in advance

Facebook have one of the worst UIs ever. The interface changes every week, and I can never remember how to setup a live event there because it’s to unintuitive. Here’s how a quick step-by-step process to make my life: head over to click Go Live at the top (next to the search bar) pick … Read more

Where to find a List of all Clips you’ve made from YouTube Videos

YouTube have recently introduced their new Clips Feature. These are quick and easy snippets that users can create from eligible videos, referencing a section of the original video. You can create a clip by using the little scissors icon underneath a video. When you’re done you’ll get a handy URL you can share, like this … Read more

How to disable Audio Notifications in Discord

You’d think that when you disable notifications in your operating system’s notification centre, those super annoying plinks and plonks an app can send would just disappear. It’s true, unless you’re using Discord, where it doesn’t work. They’re perhaps a little too hip and trendy to follow an established pattern. Instead, audio notifications are set in … Read more