How to batch-upgrade plugins in WordPress 2.9+

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One of the big features announced with WordPress 2.9 was the ability to upgrade several plugins at once. Trouble is, it’s not an easy to find feature. Fret not, for The Guru has found it!

You’d expect to go to Plugins, check the ones you want to upgrade and choose “Upgrade All” from the bulk actions drop down. Er… no.

Instead you need to go to TOOLS – UPGRADE and see a list of upgradable plugins there. You can tick the ones you want to upgrade, or check all, then hit the button as usual and hack in your FTP details. Note that this list won’t be there if all your plugins are up-tp-date.

The upgrade process will then be started in what’s known as “maintenance mode”. It can take some time with little to no feedback, so please be patient while you watch an empty browser window. Make sure you leave your browser alone until you see a “success” message.

According to this trac ticket, this functionality may well see an overhaul in future releases.

Until then, enjoy πŸ˜‰

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