How to style Misty Look

How to get rid of “Comments are off” and “Comments are closed”

As nice as the WordPress Community Features are, some of us aren’t using them. And as such, we can dispense with those messages. To do so, we need to amend a couple of files – the first one is index.php:

This code calls several php functions to which arguments are passed within the ‘single ticks’. See the last one that says ‘Comments Off’? Change that to ” and no message will be displayed on your front page anymore.

If you click on a single post however, the message “Comments are closed” will still be displayed. To eradicate that, have a look at the comments.php file:

Same thing again, change ‘Comments are closed.’ to ” (i.e. nothing in those ‘single ticks’).

Image Captions

By default, Misty Look displays the File Name instead of its Caption when you’re viewing a standalone image. Since Richard has a lot of pictures on his site, we had to change that. The file responsible is called attachment.php – about half way down there’s this bit of code:

The second line generates the file name so let’s comment this out first (or delete it). Next we need to find a way to display the image caption underneath the image. The easiest way to do this is to have a look at a Theme that does this and borrow a bit of code – and nothing could be better than the default Twenty-Ten theme.

Put this bit of code right underneath the previous bit:

Only the last line generates the caption, but the previous code formats the image nicely so we’ll leave it.

Now when someone clicks on a tumbnail image, the Title will be the image title, and underneath you’ll see the Caption.

Make the image wider

If you’re clicking on an image in a gallery, it may get displayed smaller than you may like. Let’s fix that! Have a look in your style.css file and add the following code at the bottom. The width tag – you’ve guessed it – will be the width of your image. Adjust it to your liking:

Spacing Child Pages in the Sidebar

Something’s not quite right with the margins between pages and child pages. By default, a child page is displayed closer to its parent page than the next child page. It would be much nicer if the Parent Pages would be spaced out as they are, but that Child Pages receive less whitespace in between. Add the following code to the bottom of your style.css file to make it look lovely (thanks to Richard Allingham for this fix):

Forget those Feeds

If you’re not a big fan of RSS Feeds, and you con’t feel th eneed to mention them, here’s how to get rid of them both. Have a look at your header.php file and find this code section:

I’ve commented out the areas you don’t need – you can delete the entire section if you like.

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9 thoughts on “How to style Misty Look

  1. Image Captions Comment:

    Thank you for the tips. I had to modify the instructions for Image Captions as the directions were not clear to me. You mention the 2nd line in the targeted code which reads:

    <p class="<?php echo $classname; ?>"><?php echo $attachment_link; ?><?php echo basename($post->guid); ?>

    If I comment the entire line , then no image as well as no filename. I had to comment only the 3rd segment of this line so the image will display but the file name does not:

    <p class="<?php echo $classname; ?>"><?php echo $attachment_link; ?> <!– <?php echo basename($post->guid); ?> –>

    I put "the caption" in the description field so I do not need to add the 2nd snippet of code. I do not want to see the Caption under all the pix anyway. I actually like the way Misty Look formats the picture (smaller) vs, Twenty-Ten so I had to take the above approach to get the picture to display.

  2. How can I disable the ‘Tags’ and ‘Catagories’ sections in the sidebar please?

    Also, how can I disable the ‘Leave a comment’ text (I have already disabled discussions) ?

  3. I have a friend who likes the theme and I am trying to help her, but every download of the theme only has a sample page. Is there a full theme download anywhere?

  4. Very strange. Various sites show a home page and contact page in preview, but no download anywhere has these pages. She likes the theme but doesn’t have the skills to create pages from a simple sample page. Hopefully I will hear back from the author.

  5. I am very new to WP. I am using the Misty look and I’m hoping to have a one column blog. After I removed the sidebar, I’m trying to enlarge the photo and text to the full width of the blog and eliminating the outer border. I could use your expertise.

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