How to use PHPList: Creating Lists and adding subscribers

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You can either manually add people to your individual lists (via Users – Add a User – select which list at the bottom) or use a signup option where users add themselves.

For the latter option there are either the direct link in PHPlist to the subscriber page or for much slicker integration use one of the many fine WordPress Plugins that are available. Search for PHPlist under Plugins – Add New.

One that springs to mind is WP PHP List: it adds a simple signup widget to your sidebar – check it out.

Templates for PHPlist make your emails look better

You can tweak the look and feel of your newsletters by applying a template (under Templates).

The default one that comes with PHPlist isn’t amazing but with a bit of CSS knowledge you can make design changes and create a nice look. To get you started, check out these two links I found on Google – they have a couple of ready-to-rock templates that you can use for free or amend to your liking.

Other Newsletter Options

Don’t like PHPlist but still need a newsletter software that delivers?

No worries – there are several options you can use too:

And let’s not forget Google’s excellent Feedburner Service: among many many other things you can let people subscribe to new posts in one or several categories. The service is absolutely free and has tons of other benefits too.

As always: enjoy 😉

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