How to rename your iOS App in Xcode 4 (and remove the Gloss Effect from your Logo)

Slightly off topic – but just so that I don’t forget:

  • Find the -info.plist file (in the Supporting Files folder). Say your app is called MyApp, then you’re looking for a file called MyApp-info.plist
  • Say hello to a meaningless list of code
  • In here, find the Bundle Display Name
  • Change it from the default ${PRODUCT_NAME} to your title
  • Build and see your title underneath your logo
While we’re at it, by default Xcode adds a shiny gloss effect to your logos. Looks great most of the time, but if you don’t like it here’s how to remove it:
  • While you’re in info.plist, see you can find an item called UIPrerenderedIcon
  • If not, go to the bottom of the list and add an item (click on the PLUS sign)
  • call it UIPrerenderedIcon
  • the item changes into “Icon already includes gloss effect”
  • this means that if set to YES the gloss will be removed  (NO means gloss is switched on)
  • build and see your logo without gloss effect
Happiness – at least as much as you can have hacking code….

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