Snapshot Backup 2.0.1 Update: Let’s try this again, folks…

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I’ve just released Snapshot Backup 2.0.1 – the exact same version as 2.0, however this time it includes all the files it actually needs…

Let me explain what happened earlier:

So there I was, having tested the latest version of Snapshot Backup 2.0 for several weeks, all is well at my end, and I decided to release it to the public. After over 11.000 downloads it gets the long awaited automation feature, revamped menu structure and gets its own branding. How exciting! You should all finally have it, it’s been a long wait.

I uploaded the changes using Subversion, and thanks to Tortoise SVN I can do this with a right click from my Windows 7 machine. It’s all so much easier than hacking away on my development server via SSH. Ever so pleased I decided to treat myself with a Mac Book at the Apple Store in Covent Garden – let the iOS Development begin!

Shortly after I had arrived in town all your kind comments kept flooding in: some files were missing in 2.0 which Tortoise SVN didn’t import properly, and hence 2.0 was only 80% of what it should have been (read: 100% unusable).

Thank you to everyone who broght this to my attention, I’m really sorry I couldn’t rectify this before tonight when I got back home.

I really like Subversion for what it does – but I absolutely hate the way it does it. Can’t it be easy, even intuitive perhaps? Why must it be so difficult for developers to get good software into the hands of good people and make the world a better place? Rather than make a very easy thing super uber mega complicated? How about an option that says “add all new files, sync them, then tag to latest version” in one mouse click? Maybe I’ll write a plugin for this.

Of course it’s all me not having explicitely added all the new files that my new version needs – and I do appreciate Subversion as a project of course. And I don’t mean to be mean. Anyway, rant over.

Snapshot Backup 2.0.1 is live, let’s forgive and forget and try again from scratch.



Thanks to Robin and Anjaan for letting me know about an error message that displayed in my header function – I’ve just released 2.0.2 to alleviate this problem.

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