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How to use vi to edit files in Linux

Here’s a brief reminder on how you can edit files with vi directly from the command line. Text is all you get, no other visual clues or menus are included, and best of all you need to know each keyboard shortcut once you’ve entered it.

vi is an old editor going back all the way to 1976. It’s not the most comfortable one, but the beauty is that it’s available on pretty much every distribution. There are several other common editors out there, but it’s not always an option to install those just for a quick file edit.

In this article I’ll show you the most commonly used commands and shortcuts, help you delete old versions of a file and show you a couple of links to more in-depth sources.

I assume here that you are comfortable using the command line interface (CLI).

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How to use SFTP with Plesk 10.4.4

We had a discussion recently about using SFTP under Plesk 10. It’s possible, however the feature is not called SFTP explicitly so I thought it’s best to describe how it works here.

Note that SFTP is only possible for the main domain owner, not for additional FTP Users that you may create under Web Users… sorry! Here’s the Parallels Knowledgebase article which explains why.

That said, here’s how you activate SFTP for your account:

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How to tweak P2: adding and replacing categories

Today I’m going to tweak the marvellous P2 Theme by Automattic.

P2 is one of my all time favourite themes – not only because it transforms WordPress into something completely different, but also because it’s an innovative way we communicate internally here at WP Hosting. If you don’t know P2 yet, do check it out at and watch the video.

At the time of writing P2 is at Version 1.3.3 and has been since November last year. Code changes quickly, so by the time you’re reading this my ramblings may be out of date.

Let’s have a look at how we can add and amend the default categories (i.e. Status Update, Blog Post, Quote and Link).

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Snapshot Backup 2.1

After over 20.000 downloads and one day before “the new iPad” hits the shelves, I give you an update on Snapshot Backup. I have finally found the time this week to work again on this project. It’s been too long, (8 months since my last update) but better late than never. It’s like a good wine.

I’ll tell you upfront: if this was easy for me, and it wouldn’t have taken this long if my knowledge of PHP was better. The latest version is available immediately from the WordPress repository.

Here’s what I’ve been slaving away over, and what’s new in Version 2.1

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How to install CentOS with Parallels Desktop

You can never have enough servers flying around, be that for testing, playing or developing. Today I decided that I wanted my local copy of CentOS on my Mac Book Pro – and thanks to Parallels Desktop I can run this in a virtual container alongside Mac OS X. Nice!

It’s a bit complex so I took some notes – may they be useful for both you and me at some point in the future.

I’m installing CentOS 6.2 in 64bit on OS X Lion on a 13″ Mac Book Pro with 8GB of RAM and an Intel i7. I’m using Parallels Desktop 7 for this exercise.

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