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Snapshot Backup is a Wordpress Plugin that backs up your ENTIRE website and sends it to an FTP repository.

The idea of Snapshot is that you may want to create an ‘as is’ version of your website for archive purposes. With each click you’ll create a time capsule of sorts – this could be for legal, sentimental or security reasons.

Snapshot Backup 2.1

After over 20.000 downloads and one day before “the new iPad” hits the shelves, I give you an update on Snapshot Backup. I have finally found the time this week to work again on this project. It’s been too long, (8 months since my last update) but better late than never. It’s like a good wine.

I’ll tell you upfront: if this was easy for me, and it wouldn’t have taken this long if my knowledge of PHP was better. The latest version is available immediately from the WordPress repository.

Here’s what I’ve been slaving away over, and what’s new in Version 2.1

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Snapshot Backup 2.0.1 Update: Let’s try this again, folks…

I’ve just released Snapshot Backup 2.0.1 – the exact same version as 2.0, however this time it includes all the files it actually needs…

Let me explain what happened earlier:

So there I was, having tested the latest version of Snapshot Backup 2.0 for several weeks, all is well at my end, and I decided to release it to the public. After over 11.000 downloads it gets the long awaited automation feature, revamped menu structure and gets its own branding. How exciting! You should all finally have it, it’s been a long wait.

I uploaded the changes using Subversion, and thanks to Tortoise SVN I can do this with a right click from my Windows 7 machine. It’s all so much easier than hacking away on my development server via SSH. Ever so pleased I decided to treat myself with a Mac Book at the Apple Store in Covent Garden – let the iOS Development begin!

Shortly after I had arrived in town all your kind comments kept flooding in: some files were missing in 2.0 which Tortoise SVN didn’t import properly, and hence 2.0 was only 80% of what it should have been (read: 100% unusable).

Thank you to everyone who broght this to my attention, I’m really sorry I couldn’t rectify this before tonight when I got back home.

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Snapshot Backup 2.0 RC1 – Ready for Testing

I’ve been slaving away at the keyboard again. It’s been too long, and you’ve all been patiently waiting for your favourtive backup plugin to do something while you sleep. Say hello to Snapshot Backup 2.0 which can now create backups while you sleep. Here’s a list of new features: Automation: create backups every hour, every … Read more

Snapshot Backup – Version 1.6 Release Notes

After nearly 7.500 downloads it’s time for Version 1.6 of your favourite backup plugin – it’s a shame it took me so long to do so little… All my time is currently consumed with planning our move from London, UK to Miami Beach, FL which leaves too little time for hacking code. Apologies if development cycles take longer than we all had hoped.

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback and error messages!

The good news is that once we’re settled in the US, I’ll focus my efforts on WordPress Support and development full time! Fingers crossed, it won’t be much longer now 😉

Let’s have a look at the new features of Snapshot Backup 1.6:

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How to restore your Snapsnot via FTP

Let me talk you through the steps necessary to restore a WordPress Site if you’re backed it up with Snapshot Backup. In principle there are four options you have:

  1. Restore via FTP (available to everyone, however it’s a long and tedious process)
  2. Restore via SSH (requires root access to your server, works much faster but not everyone has root access)
  3. Restore using Snapshot Restore (doesn’t exist yet… but I’m working on it)
  4. Ask me to restore a Snapshot for you (small fee involved for my time)

In this article I’ll describe Option 1: Restoring a Snapshot via FTP.

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Snapshot Backup – Version 1.5 Release Notes

Here’s a maintenance release of Snapshot which fixes a handful of issues many of you have experienced over the last month. Let me share with you what I’ve done to make Snapshot even better. It’s all about compatibility.

Thank you all forover 4000 downloads at the time of writing!

Special thanks go to Ozh, Justin and Brad and their new book Professional WordPress Plugin Development which is helping me enormously in getting a grip on WordPress constants and functions.

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Snapshot Backup goes 2.0

I seriously hadn’t expected over 1000 downloads in only 9 days of releasing Snapshot Backup. Thank you to every Presser out there giving it a chance – I truly appreciate it 😉

This success puts the pressure on me to get things right and make things better – and this is a heads up that I’m working on just that. Let me give you a rundown of the features that will (hopefully) make the next release:

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Snapshot Backup Plugin for WordPress

I’ve just finished writing a new WordPress Plugin which creates a Snapshot Backup of your entire website: that’s your Database, current WP Core, all your Themes, Plugins and Uploads. The resulting single archive file is then uploaded to an FTP repository of your choice.

Peace of mind included 😉

Download from the official WordPress Repository

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