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Over 80% is running on some form of Linux – so does your Mac and you iPhone. Sometimes we have to get our hands dirty on the command line – it makes you feel like a proper hacker.

Here are some pointers I picked up on my journey.

Installing Fedora on a HP Z840 with M2 Drive

I’ve run into a problem installing Fedora after Windows 11 for a Dual-Boot environment on my HP Z840 Workstation. Although Fedora recognised other drives on the system, my Windows drive and its remaining space did not show up. This was a Samsung EVO 970 drive I had left about half un-allocated for the Linux installation. … Read more

How to find your CPU details via the Command Line in Windows, macOS and Linux

I work across so many systems that I frequently forget what types of CPUs I’m dealing with. I keep forgetting the commands necessary to retrieve this information, so here’s a quick cheat sheet with commands. Windows We can use the wmic command in a regular Windows Terminal (cmd). It’s slated to be retired in the … Read more

How to install the NVIDIA Drivers in Fedora 36

I’ve installed Fedora 36 with all non-free repositories enabled and was looking forward to adding the NVIDIA GPU drivers with a single/simple command. It does work well, but I had a few headaches getting to this point. Here’s what worked for me. update all packages (naturally) switch into command line mode install the akmod-nvidia package … Read more

Building a LAMP Stack in Fedora Workstation

I needed to wipe my Fedora laptop yesterday because an in-place upgrade/downgrade went awry. No data was lost, but when it comes to doing it all again from scratch, there’s always something that I forget to do from memory. Hence this little list of step-by-step instructions on a vanilla installation of Fedora Workstation (35 in … Read more