How to enable Touchpad Taps as Mouse Clicks on your NC10 in CentOS

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CentOS-LogoThe NC10’s integrated Synaptics Touch Pad works out of the box in CentOS 6, both under GNOME and KDE. No drivers or patches requried.

But I remember that when it was running Windows XP I could “tap” the pad instead of clicking the dedicated key (that loud CLACK noise annoys the neighbours). How can we bring this behaviour to CentOS?

A quick serach reveals this post by Russel in the CentOS forum:

his suggests that a configuration file needs to be created somewhere. However I found that there’s an easier solution which – at least on the NC10 – works with just one click. I assume this will work for other latops too:

  • head over to System – Preferences – Mouse
  • select the Toucpad tab at the top
  • tick the box “enable mouse clicks with touchpad”
  • works instantly


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5 thoughts on “How to enable Touchpad Taps as Mouse Clicks on your NC10 in CentOS”

  1. That works for me under GNOME but there is no such setting I can find under KDE. I’m running CentOS 6.7 on a Lenovo ThinkPad L540. Any ideas?

  2. Aray baba directly go to settings then mouse and touchpad settingsthen enable it check it
    like windows it works perfectly on centos or ubuntu

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