How to open up your Samsung NC10

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Here’s a great video by Floppydonkey on how to open up your Samsung NC10 (and NC150). This comes in handy if you’d like to replace the hard disk.

The tools we need are a small philips head screwdriver, a small flat screwdriver or spudger, and a tough finger nail.

In a nutshell, and VERY CAREFULLY:

  • turn your little buddy over onto a soft surface (lid closed, top down so that the back is facing you, headphone sockets face left)
  • take off the battery
  • loosen all screws, including those marked KEYBD (leave the ones for the memory flap)
  • where the battery once was, take the flat screwdriver and pop the two black plastic clips, just next to the two metal parts (inwards). Those are the two main clips that hold the tiny plastic body together.
  • take a tough fingernail and pop the back of the laptop where the battery sat (between those metal clips)
  • once done, lift the right side of the back first, leaving the headphone sockets
  • this is a bit fragile, but the whole back will lift off to the left
  • take out the cover from the headphone sockets
  • you’re done!

The hard drive is held with one screw, simply take it out and slide the hard disk to the right, off the connector. It’s enclosed in a shelf of sorts, which is held onto the drive with two screws opposed the connector.

Put everything back together in reverse order.

Good luck!

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