How to display the Category Title and Description in the Page Hero with GeneratePress

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I’ve not had the best of luck adding the Category Title with the GeneratePress shortcuts in the Page Hero (the ones using the {{curly}} braces). There’s no shortcut for the description either, so I thought I’d write my own and show you how I did it.

First I’ve created two regular WordPress shortcuts for the category title and description, then called them from the Elements section in GeneratePress. Here’s the code for the shortcuts:

// Archive Title in Page Hero
add_shortcode( 'archive_title', function() {
    echo single_cat_title();
    return ob_get_clean();
} );

 // Archive Description in Page Hero
 add_shortcode( 'archive_description', function() {
    echo category_description();
    return ob_get_clean();
} );

Now we can use those shortcuts in an element like this:

It also works for Tag Titles and Descriptions, I’ve explained how to do this here.

If you’re using this principle, you may need to suppress the regular Title/Description output that GeneratePress offers by default. I’ve described how to do that here.

Happy hacking!

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