How to disable MEBx on the HP Z840 Workstation

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I recently purhcased a HP Z840 worksation from eBay. It’s my fourth unit actually, and each model in the Z series is slightly different. This one had something called MEBx during boot, considerably increasing the time it takes to boot the system. Hence I was wondering how to disable it.

In case you didn’t know this, MEBx is the Intel Management Engine’s BIOS Extension. If I understand correctly, it’s a MINIX based operating system that runs on workstations and servers before the actual operating system is loaded. This allows remote administators (as well as hackers) to access a system even if the main operating system has issues.

Here’s how to disable it on a HP Z840 Workstation

  • turn on the system and press ESC to enter the BIOS
  • select BIOS Setup
  • select the Advanced tab at the top
  • navigate to the Management Application Configuration section
  • disable it with the drop-down menu under Active Management Technology (AMT)
  • back on the first tab, choose Save your settings and Exit

This will restart the Z840, this time without the MEBx prompt and/or related features

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