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How to use your Apple AirPort Time Capsule as NAS without being a router

When I got a new WiFi router, I’ve retired my old AirPort Time Capsule from being my main network hub. One thing I was missing from my setup though was the network attached Time Capsule functionality so that my Macs can use it Time Machine backups. Turns out the Time Capsules actually have an option … Read more

Fixed: MacOS keeps asking for your Keychain Password

I had an issue with one of my Intel Macs yesterday: after resetting the admin password, several services kept asking for the Keychain Password. No matter what I typed in, these windows kept coming up, and cancelling out of them didn’t help. MacOS was stuck in an endless loop and seemingly couldn’t be broken. Here’s … Read more

Fixed: macOS can’t send images in Messages

I had an issue on my Mac Mini (with macOS 10.15 Catalina) in that it didn’t want to send images in the Messages app anymore. Texts could through fine, but every time I added an image, it tried to send it for several minutes and always aborted with a “can’t deliver” error. Subsequent attempts to … Read more

How to find your CPU details via the Command Line in Windows, macOS and Linux

I work across so many systems that I frequently forget what types of CPUs I’m dealing with. I keep forgetting the commands necessary to retrieve this information, so here’s a quick cheat sheet with commands. Windows We can use the wmic command in a regular Windows Terminal (cmd). It’s slated to be retired in the … Read more