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Where does Steam store your Screenshots?

There’s a helpful that displays your screenshots under View – Screenshots. This will open the Screenshots Manager. You can find this when you’re not in Big Picture mode. From here you can upload your work to Steam, set its visibility and give it a caption. You can also filter by game in the drop-down that … Read more

How to use an Xbox 360 Wireless McBazel receiver on Windows 10/11

My original Microsoft wireless Xbox 360 receiver for Windows packed up, after over 15 years of loyal service. Perhaps I shouldn’t have let him be plugged in 24/7 on a powered hub, or perhaps his number was up. These dongles are no longer in production, but several third party devices are available. I’ve decided to … Read more

How to download NVIDIA GPU Drivers without GeForce Experience

NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience is a great app to keep your GPU drivers updated, game experiences optimised and tap into quick recording/streaming features. However it does introduce some overhead that’s not for everyone. I was wondering if there was a way to download updated drivers without the need for GeForce Experience, and there is, but it’s … Read more