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How to test your System RAM in Windows

I’ve added some new RAM to my desktop system, and before embarking on mission critical projects I thought it best to test if it was working correctly. On previous occasions I’ve always relied on the built-in BIOS tool, but I felt in the mood for something new and researched if there was a built-in tool … Read more

How to use an Xbox 360 Wireless McBazel receiver on Windows 10/11

My original Microsoft wireless Xbox 360 receiver for Windows packed up, after over 15 years of loyal service. Perhaps I shouldn’t have let him be plugged in 24/7 on a powered hub, or perhaps his number was up. These dongles are no longer in production, but several third party devices are available. I’ve decided to … Read more

How to disable Windows ink on Windows 11

My old legacy Wacom driver gave me some compatibility issues under Windows 11. However, no matter how hard I’ve searched, I was not able to find the Windows Ink setting. When disabled, this would clear up any such issues in Windows 10. Thankfully there is a way to disable this in Windows 11 too, but … Read more

How to find your CPU details via the Command Line in Windows, macOS and Linux

I work across so many systems that I frequently forget what types of CPUs I’m dealing with. I keep forgetting the commands necessary to retrieve this information, so here’s a quick cheat sheet with commands. Windows We can use the wmic command in a regular Windows Terminal (cmd). It’s slated to be retired in the … Read more