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How to disable Windows ink on Windows 11

My old legacy Wacom driver gave me some compatibility issues under Windows 11. However, no matter how hard I’ve searched, I was not able to find the Windows Ink setting. When disabled, this would clear up any such issues in Windows 10. Thankfully there is a way to disable this in Windows 11 too, but … Read more

How to find your CPU details via the Command Line in Windows, macOS and Linux

I work across so many systems that I frequently forget what types of CPUs I’m dealing with. I keep forgetting the commands necessary to retrieve this information, so here’s a quick cheat sheet with commands. Windows We can use the wmic command in a regular Windows Terminal (cmd). It’s slated to be retired in the … Read more

Removing an EFI Partition on an external drive in Windows 10

I often format drives with operating systems other than Windows. When I want to re-use those drives for something Windows related, I have trouble formatting them because there’s a protected EFI Partition that Disk Management can’t get get rid of. Here’s such an example: all options are greyed out, and I’m left with a 200MB … Read more

Fixed: I’ve accidentally moved my Windows Videos Library to the root C drive – and now it’s stuck

In moving around some video footage, I had accidentally moved my Videos Library to the root C drive, then moved existing content over. I had foolishly assumed that it would create a folder, but alas it just dumped all existing folders and videos into the root directory of my system drive. That’s not what I … Read more

How to place an existing folder under Version Control in Github for Desktop

I love version control, and I really like Github for Desktop. One thing I wish it had was the ability to place an existing folder under version control, but alas it’s not to be. We can create new repositories in empty folders, we can check out projects that are stored elsewhere, but GitHub for Desktop … Read more