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Tips and Tricks on WordPress usage and development. I am very passionate about WordPress, but it doesn’t work just by itself – it needs a rich environment to live and breathe in.

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How to display the Category Title and Description in the Page Hero with GeneratePress

I’ve not had the best of luck adding the Category Title with the GeneratePress shortcuts in the Page Hero (the ones using the {{curly}} braces). There’s no shortcut for the description either, so I thought I’d write my own and show you how I did it. First I’ve created two regular WordPress shortcuts for the … Read more

Where is the WordPress is_blog() Function

At first glance, there appears to be no conditional function to test if we’re on the user’s blog page. Which is weird, since can test so many other things with WordPress Conditionals: is_singular(), is_page() or is_front_page() and is_home(). Sadly we cannot test if the current page is in fact displaying the blog with something like … Read more

Removing the Link Menu Item in WordPress Admin

Remember the Links Manager in WordPress? This was an option for us to add a custom post type or “link” in the admin interface, so that we could easily link to other websites as something popularised as a Blogroll. Nowadays it’s a somewhat outdated term, and for that reason the whole Links Manager component was hidden by default in WordPress 3.5 back in late 2012.

The component is still built into WordPress though and won’t show up by default on newer installations. Older installations that have been continually updated and containing links in the database however will still show this menu item even with newer versions of WordPress. Here’s what the menu looks like:

You may also find a “New Link” item at the top of the admin page, which lets you add a new link to your database if you like:

The question is, how do we remove these options, if they still show up in newer versions of WordPress? You’d think that deleting all links and link categories would be enough, but you may have tried and already found out that it is not.

In this article I’ll show you how to do this. I’ll also explain how to bring the Links Manager back if you ever need it.

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How to enable the integrated Search Option in GeneratePress

I keep forgetting where and how to enable the integrated top level search function in the GeneratePress Theme. I had found it once and it made perfect sense, but when I installed the theme on a new site I had forgotten where that option is hiding. It’s in the WordPress Theme Customiser under Layout – … Read more

Including Custom Posts on Archive Pages in WordPress

By default, Custom Posts don’t show up on regular Archive Pages. They still show regular posts, but none of the Custom Post Types are included. I suppose you’d have separate pages with custom queries for that. In my project however, which consists mainly of Custom Posts, it made sense to use the regular WordPress queries … Read more

How to create Custom Post Types in WordPress

I’ve been working on a game database that’s powered by a vanilla WordPress instance. For the project it made sense to create a new post type (game), as well as a custom taxonomy (platform). I didn’t want to use a plugin and instead opted to create the new post type as part of the child theme’s function.php file.

Here’s how I did it.

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