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How to enable WiFi on a MacBook Pro in Fedora

I’ve recently given Fedora a spin on my MacBook Pro (2011 vintage). While it installed fine, the WiFi card inside it was not recognised by default. From what I understand there is a Linux driver for the card, but the software around it is so restrictive that the driver cannot be included in the official … Read more

How to set the hostname on CentOS and Fedora

CentOS 7 has a nice command called hostnamectl. With it we can display the current hostname, and set any of the three types of hostname: static hostname (something like example.com) transient hostname (anything you like, assigned when using DHCP) pretty hostname (something like Jay’s MacBook Pro) By default, a CentOS installation comes back with localhost.localdomain … Read more

The Debian Experience: Cheat Sheet for CentOS and Fedora users

I’ve just installed a LAMP stack on my Nook Tablet using Debian. However I’ve been using CentOS since 2008 and I’m so used to how things are done there that it was a bit of a culture shock doing relatively simple things “on the other side”. It’s like a country whose language you don’t speak … Read more

How to control SELinux in CentOS and Fedora

SELinux – when installed – can take on one of three modes: Enforcing Permissive Disabled To check which mode SELinux is running on, we can use either sestatus for a more detailed output, or simply getenforce for a one liner: sestatus SELinux status: enabled SELinuxfs mount: /sys/fs/selinux SELinux root directory: /etc/selinux Loaded policy name: targeted … Read more