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How to upgrade Fedora in place from the Command Line

For this example I’m using Fedora 33, and will describe how to upgrade to 34. In-place upgrades work as far as two versions back, anything further will require intermediate steps. Update all packages for the current version before you start, then restart the system to make sure you’re on the latest kernel. Prerequisite: we need … Read more

Removing a software RAID in Fedora

I’ve been playing with various configurations of my software RAID and thought I’d start again from scratch. The obvious question then was, how would I remove my previous efforts? This seems to be different depending on the distribution, so here’s what worked for me in Fedora 33. I’m assuming here that my RAID is /dev/md1. … Read more

Setting up a Software RAID on CentOS and Fedora with mdadm

In this article I’ll explain how to setup a software RAID on Fedora. This will turn any number of attached USB drives into any flavour of RAID without the necessity of a dedicated enclosure. I’m using this setup for internal office data storage with redundancy, together with a Samba share. This works on any Linux … Read more