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How to install KDE on Fedora

Just in case I forget, here’s how to easily install the KDE Desktop on Fedora 40. First we download the components, then we switch over to it and make it the default. I should have taken notes last time but forgot – glad I’m getting another chance to do it again. Installing KDE Open up … Read more

Fixed: Failed to write data to efivars on HP Z840 Workstation (Fedora)

I’ve had an update message in Fedora for a while on my HP Z840 workstation. It was something about an EFI update with a patch against something about DBX and Black Lotus that sounded rather important, but for the life of me the update would never apply. It could update all other softwares, except for … Read more

Installing Fedora on a HP Z840 with M2 Drive

I’ve run into a problem installing Fedora after Windows 11 for a Dual-Boot environment on my HP Z840 Workstation. Although Fedora recognised other drives on the system, my Windows drive and its remaining space did not show up. This was a Samsung EVO 970 drive I had left about half un-allocated for the Linux installation. … Read more

How to install the NVIDIA Drivers in Fedora 36

I’ve installed Fedora 36 with all non-free repositories enabled and was looking forward to adding the NVIDIA GPU drivers with a single/simple command. It does work well, but I had a few headaches getting to this point. Here’s what worked for me. update all packages (naturally) switch into command line mode install the akmod-nvidia package … Read more

Building a LAMP Stack in Fedora Workstation

I needed to wipe my Fedora laptop yesterday because an in-place upgrade/downgrade went awry. No data was lost, but when it comes to doing it all again from scratch, there’s always something that I forget to do from memory. Hence this little list of step-by-step instructions on a vanilla installation of Fedora Workstation (35 in … Read more