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How to kill the “accept incoming connections” dialogue on your Mac forever

Have you ever come across the above dialogue, asking if you’d like to “accept incoming network connections” on your Mac? It’s caused by the Firewall and it’s meant to be helpful. Because if you have an app that needs incoming network connections all the time, you can just add them to the Firewall rules (under … Read more

How to disable the ultra annoying Startup Sound on Mac OS X

I passionately *H*A*T*E* the startup chime that my Mac makes when I switch it on. At least on my MacBook, if the volume is turned down before I shutdown, the system restarts silently. I guess it’s somehow linked to the internal speakers. Sadly on my Mac Mini this approach doesn’t work: due to the lack … Read more

How to fix “This file is damaged and can’t be opened” in Mac OS X

Yesterday I was trying to open an installer which was offered as a .dmg file. That’s a disk image which mounted itself fine, but when I ran the installer contained in the disk image, all I got was an error message: “ZBrush to Keyshot Content Installer is damaged and could not be opened”. At first I … Read more