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P2 Header Ad – Version 1.6 released

I’ve just released a new version of my P2 Header Ad plugin! It fixes a few issues I’ve come across in debug mode: styles are now loaded via wp_enqueue_scripts hook fixed a debug warning that assumed a constant rather than a value verified compatibility with WordPress 4.5 There’s still a lone warning that appears in … Read more

P2 Header Ad – Version 1.5 released

I’ve just updated my P2 Header Ad plugin with some new options: you can now display the same ad again after the post content (before the comments) you can do this on single posts, and additionally on the front page if you like These options are not enabled by default and work best if you … Read more

P2 Header Ad – v1.3 released

I’ve just released a new version of my P2 Header Ad plugin, adding the following features: added translation readiness added German Translation added Spanish Translation (thanks to Andrew Kurtis from WebHostingHub) verified WordPress 3.8 compatibility You can get the latest version simply by using the WordPress updates (under Dashbaord – Updates), or download it from … Read more

Introducing The P2 Header Ad Plugin

P2 Header Ad IconI always loved Automattic’s P2 theme: it’s one of the most innovative ideas for blogging I could find. I’m using it on several of my notebook websites, including this one. I’ve been tweaking P2 for quite some time, and one thing I wanted to do is display an advert inside the P2 header.

As you may know, P2 doesn’t like child themes very much, so I wrote a future proof solution as this handy plugin.

P2 Header Ad let’s you display an advert of your choice inside the header. And when the theme is updated, your advert stays in place. Neat, huh?

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