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How to auto indent and collapse source code in Dreamweaver

I keep forgetting where and how to find this feature. Turns out the Command menu gives us such features: Commands – Apply Source Formatting (to Selection) Applies the correct indentations to the entire file, or your selection only. It’s the equivalent of Xcode’s “Editor – Structure – Re-Indent”. To manually move blocks of code, select … Read more

How to post code when you leave a comment

Sometimes you want to leave a comment and post code to demonstrate what is or isn’t working. For security though, pure HTML and PHP is filtered out – otherwise evildoers could post malicious code wherever they can. In this screencast I will show you how to post code in comments so it can be displayed … Read more

Workshop: How to post Source Code in your Comments

In this workshop I’ll show you how you can make source code show up in your comments. I’ll also show you how to format it so it looks different to ordinairy text. By default, WordPress strips out most HTML tags for security reasons. That’s a good thing, however if you’d like to share some HTML … Read more