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How to replace and add HTML text elements with CSS

In some circumstances you may can replace HTML text elements via CSS. This is useful if you don’t have access to the source files, or if you want to override text in a Child Theme’s stylesheet. There are several approaches to this conundrum, I’ll show you two of them. Both require that you have a … Read more

How to auto indent and collapse source code in Dreamweaver

I keep forgetting where and how to find this feature. Turns out the Command menu gives us such features: Commands – Apply Source Formatting (to Selection) Applies the correct indentations to the entire file, or your selection only. It’s the equivalent of Xcode’s “Editor – Structure – Re-Indent”. To manually move blocks of code, select … Read more

How to combine DOM elements in jQuery

Sometimes you want to add your own DOM element to an existing class or ID. For example, maybe you’d like to insert something like a header advert into an existing theme without having to hack core files. jQuery makes this possible. You can either add your own element to the beginning or the end of … Read more

How to use a custom font in CSS

Did you know that with CSS 3 you can load custom true type fonts and use them on your website? It’s relatively simple to do too. First you define a new font face with a URL to your file, then you call it just like you would call a pre-defined font. In this example I’m … Read more

How to centre an image in CSS

Centering text in CSS is relatively easy. All you do is add the “text-aling: center” property. If you’ve ever tried this with anything that isn’t text you’ll have noticed that this approach doesn’t work. Instead, display your class as a block, then set the margins to auto. You also need to specify a width so … Read more