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So this is a newsletter and I’ve added you to it because you’re one of my hosting clients. You’re in good company too, because you seem to be growing in numbers. Sweet!

If there’s any news on the Guru Network, you’ll be the first to know – unless you’d rather I leave you alone, in which case feel free to unsubscribe from this list (see the bottom – no hard feelings).

And speaking of news, there’s lots of it.

Domain Name Change

First of all, I had to take the plunge and change the domain wordpress-guru.co.uk to WP-Guru.co.uk.

The makers of WordPress have a domain policy whereby domains about their project must not contain the word “WordPress”. Instead they’d like to see “wp” as to not confuse people about an already confusing matter. That’s fine with me – the site wasn’t properly launched anyway so what’s the difference.

WPguru.co.uk is the place where you can come for hosting support and to cancel your packages should you want to leave – so it’s a good one to remember.

New Servers

Then there’s some big news: I’ve expanded the server network with two new servers. Meet DREXEL, your new database server!

It was another one of those “blood, sweat and tears” implementations but he’s up and running and already supporting on all your sites. You’ll notice a slightly faster response time on the WordPress Backend as well as improved page loading times. Read more about Drexel in my recent article here.

And so fresh that I’m still playing with the metaphorical bubble wrap, I’ve ordered yet ANOTHER server to replace an old VPS I had for testing. He’s located in a different data centre and will start working with us soon – stay tuned. If you have any suggestions for names, please let me know 😉

Why the new servers?

That’s easy: To make a good thing even better. The Guru Network is growing and this is an investment to scale things up a notch. I want to provide the best dedicated WordPress Hosting Service there is, and that includes top notch support, infrastructure, backup and redundancy.

I’m currently working on couple of other things:

  • A dedicated support forum for y’all. That way I can answer your questions publicly and help others at the same time.
  • Then there’s Guru Cash, an affiliate programme that gives you a 25% commission when you send me new customers.

I’ll be in touch when all that and more is up and running at The WordPress Guru.

Until then, Happy WordPressing, Love and Peace 😉


PS to Jerry:

I’ve not forgotten about Boho.tv – it’s definitely coming very soon.

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