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After well over a year I am very pleased to share with you our latest business venture:

WP Hosting – the easiest way to get a self-hosted WordPress site.

WP Hosting has been in the making for quite some time, and what better way to make its launch coincide with the release of WordPress 3.3. With it come some fundamental changes to the way we do things here – let me explain the details.

I’ve been offering Hosting with WordPress pre-installed for nearly two years and I’d like to make this available to more customers. This site doesn’t really lend itself to do so, and a complete overhaul would have been too disruptive – hence WP Hosting was born.

The new site will offer the same service that you’ve come to love and much more – check out all the features here.

With the change, Julia will be joining me full time on this project. We’ve got plenty of ideas in the pipeline such as

  • an affiliate programme
  • dedicated servers for WordPress
  • larger choice hosting packages
  • members support forum
  • workshops to help you get the most out of WordPress

The WP Guru will then be able to return to what it once was – i..e my personal notebook of all things WordPress, code hacking, Linux and all the other stuff I like to write about, including plugin development. I feel this is too much for casual users as it can get a bit hard core at times (even for me you know).

You can of course still get support from me on this site as well as at WP Hosting, but WP Hosting will be more about how to use WordPress and sell hosting.

We’ve also got a new newsletter system: previously three different fragmented systems have been migrated into MailChimp – it’ll make our lives much easier too. We’re leaving the Facebook page as it is and will feed it with posts from WP Hosting and we’ve created a new dedicated Twitter account @wphostingtv for the same updates.

But that’s not all. We’ve also upgraded our server farm to a whopping 8 servers now – that’s more than I had ever thought I’d operate! The latest additions feature 16GB of RAM and hexacore AMD processors to keep things smooth with the added traffic we’re all raking in.

We’ve got a lot more work to do, starting with some seamless site migrations in the twilight hours tonight. You shouldn’t notice a thing, but if you do – please let us know.

Thank you for your continued support over the last two years. Have a lovely Christmas!

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