How to backup and restore your WordPress site with Plesk

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In this podcast I’ll show you how to backup and restore your website with Plesk 11.5.

Backup and Restore in Plesk can be very easy and straightforward – and it’s fantastic when it works. There are cases though when it does not, so here are few things to keep in mind.

  • Automatic backups may fill up your disk space if they’re not automatically deleted.
  • Email notifications may arrive with delay. If you have the time, use the “refresh”option in Plesk and keep an eye on it yourself.
  • FTP backups to other servers can be very temperamental. Anything over 1GB in size may time out on its way to the FTP server, in which case you’ll get an error message and a local backup only. I did not cover FTP backups in this podcast.

As you can imagine, we’ve only scratched the surface of this feature. Feel free to ask questions below, or check out the Plesk Documentation here:

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6 thoughts on “How to backup and restore your WordPress site with Plesk”

  1. Hi,
    thanks for your post. Today, my Server was installed new, changing from Ubuntu Server 14.04 using Plesk 12.5 to 16.04 using Plex Onyx. When I restored the backup, all my sites, configuration and so on was back up and running.
    My mailserver, my owncloud, and so on.

    However, the wordpress instance of my wife could not be restored. All the data in the webroot is there, but the DB could not be recovered. And I can not seem to make it work.
    Is there any way to make it work again? I used every version of the backup I could think of.

    The error I get is this: Row size too large

    Any help whatsoever is highly apreciated.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Thomas, that’s a tricky one. The error sounds like it’s not something generated by Plesk but rather the mysql command that they use to restore the database. If you still have the old server up and running, with the intact database, you can try to export all tables manually and then import them again on the new server. There may be a way to extract the database backup from the Plesk backup, but if restoring that is more successful than what the Plesk script does I don’t know. Have you tried asking in the Plesk forums?

  3. Hi Jay,
    thanks for the response. Curiously I found the solution quicker than I thought. There seems to be a new default setting for various memory sizes in the newer MySQL versions.
    Two settings in /etc/mysql/my.cnf made it possible to import the website and DB using Plesk Backup&Restore function:
    Just added at the bottom of the file.
    All the best,

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